Why Are We Here

Not in a greater sense, but on this website, in particular this blog. I am here to vent my frustrations about literature.

I love to read. I read all the time. Not all of what I read is high literature, but since I am in Graduate School for the time being most of it is. High literature kind of blows. There are some gems, but for the most part what college professors focus on is dry, dull, and excruciatingly long. Most of them will even acknowledge this.

This is a place for me to rant about everything I do not like about various novels. Mostly it is because I “shouldn’t put emotion or blatant opinions” into my writing for class. I think this is bullshit. If I can back up my opinion with a quote from the text I shouldn’t need three other sources confirming what I think. I should be able to argue it well enough on my own.

Sadly, not all professors agree with me. So this is where I can have my opinions, no matter how outrageous or unfounded they seem. This is where I can write how I feel about the texts in question.

If I, in your opinion, completely miss the point of a certain novel, by all means, comment. I will gladly engage you in polite conversation.  You might sway me or I might sway you, there’s no telling how it may go. But the point, my friends, is to learn that it is okay to have opinions about literature and to vocalize them without having some stuffy “expert” to back you up, because in truth the only person to know all the ins and outs of a novel is the author and many of the authors of the books we’ll be reviewing, my friends,  are dead. Speculation is key.


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