The Problem with Becky

Why is it that people seem to thing Rebecca Sharp of Vanity Fair fame a feminist? I agree, of the two women focused on in Vanity Fair, Rebecca is preferable to Amelia. That woman is just a stupid cow. I mean seriously, who fawns over a man who is more than willing to screw around on you?

Don’t answer that.

It was rhetorical.

No, really. It was rhetorical.

Anyway, the problem with Becky… She heartless. Cold. Uncaring. Yeah, yeah, she had a hard life. Mom died. Dad died. Left at a school. Treated like trash by the upper crust and those pretending to be the upper crust. Life sucks.

So we buckle down, learn lots of crap. Be charming. Ah, charm will get you many places, my friends. We marry some rich snot only to find the rich snot’s father wanted to marry you. Damn bigamy laws, right?

And all of this calculating movement among Vanity Fair’s society would be fine. Lots of people marry for security. But to lie and cheat everyone… Doesn’t that get just a little bit old? I mean, I don’t like doing the same thing day after day after day. Shake things up a little. Try being nice?

I suppose that is a little too much to ask.

But, let’s be clear: Becky Sharp is not a feminist. It isn’t just men she takes advantage of, she abuses her relationship with Amelia. She brings harm to innocent bystanders. She is an any-means-necessary kind of girl.

I hate that. I hate those kinds of people. Sociopathic social climbers should be avoided at all costs. Sadly Vanity Fair, though the lot of them could fit into various aspects of the social disorder catagory, learned the hard way.


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