Dear Jane, comments on Jane Eyre

Dear Jane,

You don’t know me, but after reading your autobiography I feel confident I know enough of you to say marriage to Rochester is a very, very bad idea. I mean, really, honey, if he would lock his “sex-addicted” wife in the attic with a drunk, what is to stop him from doing it to you?

At the beginning I was so proud of you, braining your cousin like you did. I just wish that society hadn’t been able to put out that fire so easily. You allowed them to tame you, girl.

I’ve always been an advocate of picking your battles, but it seems lately you let them all pass you by. Near the end you had a wonderful little school house, a comfortable way of life and you decide to ruin all that by feeling torn between St. John and Rochester. You could do better than either of them. I promise. A smart girl like you doesn’t need a man.

You were wise enough to realize that St. John would never love you and you ran like a bat out of hell. That was smart. But really, will Rochester be any different?

Bronte brought him down to your “level” to make you suitable to each other, but let’s not forget what he did to Bertha. For all intents and purposes, she was probably a fairly sane, but lively woman (We’ll get into Wild Sargasso Sea eventually) and England drove her mad. There’s a lesson somewhere in there, but I digress. He married her for money. You know as soon as you marry him he will own you and your wealth. It doesn’t matter that he’s blind and missing a hand, personality flaws like his don’t go away from physical trauma.

I’m begging you to reconsider. You could do a great many things… If you marry him, you’ll pop out some kids and fulfill the author’s fantasy because she made the mistake of choosing St. John.

Faithfully yours,

Beyond Dimensions